Your Tracking Information

You are accessing from:

IP Number: 921548793
IP Version: 4
IP Address:
Country Code: US
Country Name: United States
Region Name: Virginia
City Name: Ashburn
Latitude: 39.04372
Longitude: -77.487488
Area Code: 703
IDD Code: 1
Weather Station Code: USVA0027
Weather Station Name: Ashburn
MCC: -
MNC: -
Mobile Carrier: -
Usage Type: DCH
Elevation: 89
Net Speed: T1
Time Zone: -05:00
ZIP Code: 20146
Domain Name:
ISP Name: Inc.
Display Resolution:
Internet Browser: unknown unknown
System Device: unknown
Operating System: unknown unknown
Access Time: Current Local Time

On this page you will find some of the tracking information i.e. Your Device, Location, Operating System, Screen Size. These are common tracking parameters passed by your Internet browser. There is nothing to worry about, we recommend you to Use This VPN Service To Avoid Being Tracked.

How the Information is Taken:
Country: Known by using IP address of the user. IP-to-Country database is maintained by several independent services and each new IP is mapped to its corresponding country.
ISP: Known by reverse IP lookup of the Network Domain using PHP Language. Each ISP is assigned a different range of IP pools thus reverse lookup do the job.
Screen Resolution: Detected by using JavaScript width and height attributes. Window inner and outer size is combined to get this value accurately
Browser: JS user Agent variable is used to extract Browser name and version. Several operators and regular expressions are used
Device: 2 or 3 different browser attributes are used to find this information. As most browser still do not support this feature it is sometimes not accurate
OS: The Operating System is Found by analyzing navigator.appVersion or navigator.userAgent passed by the Internet Browser.
Access Time: The page access time is fetched from visitor machine using JavaScript regular Date() function. The time format can be changed as needed

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